Brookes Brown is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy and the Director of the Law, Liberty and Justice Program at Clemson University. She works in ethics and applied ethics, public law, democratic theory, business ethics, moral epistemology, and administrative legal theory.

She received her PhD in Political Philosophy from Princeton University in January 2016, has a JD from Yale University, and a BA from Brown University. She spent 2014-15 as a DeOlazarra fellow in Political Philosophy, Law, and Policy at the University of Virginia.

At the moment Brookes focuses on civic ethics in the context of market economies, considering the ways in which complex institutional analysis changes our thinking about political ethics, and methodology in political philosophy. She also drinks altogether too much coffee.

Information for current students:
Office hours for Spring 2018 are Tuesday 3:30-5, and Thursday 9:15-10:45 in Hardin Hall. 
(I look forward to seeing you there!)